What is Moisture Separator?

What is Moisture Separator?

Alternatively known as a steam drier or moisture separator, a steam separator separates water droplets from steam. High-velocity steam from nozzles (or vanes) in a steam turbine may impinge on and erode turbine internals, such as turbine blades, in thermal power stations. A wet steam stream can cause problems like water hammer and corrosion, which can damage costly equipment like flowmeters and control valves, effectively removing moisture and ensuring the highest dryness fraction at the outlet. There is a wide variety of moisture separators available from Airmax Pneumatic in different materials and sizes. Depending on the application, moisture separators can be cast or fabricated. Entrapped moisture particles are completely removed through thorough engineering and precise manufacturing. 

  • Due to the thoroughly engineered design, the dryness fraction is maximized
  • A minimal amount of re-entertainment is designed into the internals.

Steam separators, sometimes called steam driers or moisture separators, are devices that separate water droplets from steam. A steam locomotive’s steam dome is the simplest type of steam separator. The centrifugal force of centrifugal force may throw water droplets outwards from stationary boilers and nuclear reactors. To collect the water droplets removed by separators, steam traps are required.

Steam should be cleaned of water droplets for the following reasons:

  • The steam that is wet reduces the thermal efficiency of all engines
  • Piston engines can suffer from hydraulic locks caused by water accumulating in the cylinders
  • Turbine blades can be eroded or impinged upon by such particles.
  • In other industrial machinery using steam, water can accumulate in piping and cause steam hammer: a form of water hammer caused by water build-up ‘plugging’ a pipe and then being accelerated by steam flowing through the pipe until it reaches a sharp bend, causing the pipe to fail catastrophically.

The term steam drier can also refer to a drier that heats the steam by operating as a low-temperature superheater.

The benefits of MS-

  • Equipment such as flow meters and control valves can be protected from damage by installing moisture separators. 
  • A moisture separator improves the overall health of a steam system, ensures high heat transfer rates, and ensures reliability.


  • Multi-baffle design for high-efficiency and reliable condensate removal.
  • Low-pressure drops are typically achieved through contoured body designs.
  • Compressed air lines can also be used to remove moisture from compressed air.
  • Sizes range from 40mm to 250mm
  • Range of pressure: PN63
  • Cast carbon steel is used as the construction material

Generally, steam separators can be divided into three types: baffles, centrifugal separators, and mechanical coalescence separators. In order to achieve higher efficiency, two different types of separators are often combined

In terms of design elements and usability, the baffle separator is a simple type of moisture separator. One or more internal baffles in the separator redirect steam in one or more directions. Condensate droplets are removed from steam as a result of this redirection of steam flow. This heavy condensate is removed with the help of a drain device (steam trap station or control valve). In simple applications, baffle separators are still popular even though they are not as efficient as advanced types.

In centrifugal separators, the entrained condensate is separated from the steam with centrifugal force. For accurate centrifugal separator sizing, precise pressure and steam flows must be obtained. Centrifugal action must not be reduced in order to achieve high separation performance.

Mechanical coalescing/centrifugal separators: This type of separator removes moisture in two stages. The steam is coalesced into large droplets after entering a stainless steel mesh in the first stage. These larger droplets are then removed by a centrifugal element during the second stage. As a result of this system, moisture is removed very efficiently. About 99.9% of the time.

It is necessary to use a steam separator when there is a high moisture content in a system, otherwise, the following operational problems can occur:

  • The corrosion process
  • System efficiency is reduced
  • System components fail
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Flow meters and control valves malfunctioning
  • A decrease in the system’s overall productivity

Airmax Pneumatic is the leading Moisture Separator Manufacturer in India. We offer various types of industrial pneumatic valves and cylinders.


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