What Are Directional Control Valves & How Do We Use Them?

What Are Directional Control Valves & How Do We Use Them?

Directional control valves are used to control fluid streams (pressure-driven oil, water, or air) in different ways from no less than one source, ensuring that they follow a specific way. This is normally constrained by a spool inside the valve chamber that unequivocally or electrically actuates (moves) to either go against or license stream. Subsequently the name – directional control valves. 

3 Types of Directional Control Valves: 

Water-driven Check Valves – these are the most un-perplexing and the most notable kind of directional control valve which are reliably used in pressure-driven systems. These valves can be used to stop the movement of liquid one way while allowing the free movement of fluid the alternate way. These models are moreover commonly known as non-bring valves back. 

Directional Spool Valve – made out of a moving spool which is masterminded inside the housing of a valve. An enacting power then moves the control spool, which allows the channels inside the housing to be related or segregated. 

Directional Poppet Valve – is fitted into housing depletes with a hung affiliation, which is the explanation they are for the most part implied as cartridge valves and can contain an extent of seating parts, including balls, poppets, and plates. 

5-2-Way-Directional Valve 

There are four essential power sorts of directional control valves: 

Manual – these work with fundamental switches or paddles where the overseer applies ability to work, 

Mechanical – apply controls by using cams, wheels, rollers, and various frameworks which infers they are obligated to wear, 

Pressure drove – these work at significantly higher squeezing factor than the pneumatic accomplices, 

Solenoids – for the most part, are used inside the power through pressure business and they work using electromechanical solenoids for sliding the spool. 
The Airmax Pneumatics Ltd is one of the main directional control valves producers in India. They offer single and twofold solenoid valves additionally with poppet type directional control valve supplier. They make it for pneumatic chambers and air blowers. They additionally make dampness separators, pneumatic chambers, and lip channel bowls.


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