Why Use A Compressed Air Regulator?

Why Use A Compressed Air Regulator?

On the off chance that you buy a “DIY” type air blower, or on the off chance that you buy any sort of air blower besides, check to ensure that it’s anything but an Air Regulator. If not, buy one. You will be happy you did! 

An air regulator is a gadget that brings down the downstream air pressure. Downstream air is the air that is moving from the regulator towards your application. 

Packed air will flow from the blower repository into the air regulator (this stockpile is called upstream air) and through an arrangement of an inward stomach and springs, the regulator will keep a steady downstream air pressure level, notwithstanding changes in the upstream inventory pressure from the tank. 

Perceive that you can just utilize a compacted air regulator to build the downstream air pressure up to the level of the upstream stockpile air pressure. An air regulator won’t empower you to “dial-up” the downstream air pressure higher than the upstream level. 

In any case, on the off chance that you can sort out some way to do that, do tell me, and we’ll both get rich! ;- } 

You will need to set the downstream air pressure from your regulator at a pressure level that is beneath the most minimal air pressure that will be approaching from your air blower. Here’s the reason. 

The blower’s greatest pressure setpoint is the pressure level inside the blower beneficiary at which the blower stops itself. This is otherwise called the “cut out” pressure. 

At the point when the cutout pressure is reached, the blower quits packing air. At the point when you begin to utilize compacted air from the blower tank, the pressure inside begins to drop, and at last, the blower will begin once more. This is the “cut in” pressure point. 

Therefore, your application, be it an air device or an airbrush, will “see” fluctuating pressures from the tank as the blower cycles on and off between the two set focuses. 

For most applications, a differing air pressure supply isn’t agreeable and it is especially problematical for people that utilization compacted air to shower paint. Despite your earnest attempts with the airbrush, if the stock air pressure is continually changing, so too will the nature of your work. 

This takes us back to why you will consistently need to have an air regulator introduced in the line between the blower and your application.

high flow pressure regulator

On the off chance that you set the downstream air pressure at a pressure level BELOW the cut in pressure level of the air blower, in principle, the air pressure to your application should never exceed show signs of change. As the air blower goes through its ordinary cut-in and cut-out cycle your air regulator guarantees that your downstream gadget will see a consistent, non-fluctuating, supply of compacted air. 

This is hypothetical just, shockingly. On the off chance that your application burns through more compacted air than your blower can produce, despite the fact that you have set your air regulator at a “protected” level, ultimately the air pressure from the tank will fall underneath the level your regulator is set for, and the downstream gadget will see a consistently lessening air pressure supply as well; this despite the fact that your blower may have cut-in, and is attempting urgently to develop an inventory of packed air inside the tank. 

This is the reason you truly need to know how much air you need for your application to guarantee that your air blower has sufficient ability to oversupply your requirements.

Realize that high flow pressure regulator accompany various degrees of precision with the most un-exact being, as you may figure, the most economical. 

Most broadly useful compacted air regulators will have a precision of 3-5 PSI, implying that the real air pressure that your gadget is being provided through the regulator will differ inside that reach, in spite of what it says on the check. 

In the event that you need more exactness, select an exactness regulator, and relying upon the producer, you might have the option to get a downstream air pressure inside a .5 PSI precision of the pressure perusing on the check. 

Universally useful air pressure regulators typically have a working reach in the space of 0 – 120 PSI. Others will be evaluated for pressures of 0-100 or 0-150 PSI. 

You can likewise get air regulators with a smaller and more claim to fame situated scope of pressures, for example, 0-10 PSI, 0-20, 20-60 PSI, etc. At the opposite finish of the scale, you can buy regulators that can securely deal with a huge number of PSI. 

For most DIY types, an overall packed air regulator with a scope of 0-100 PSI will do fine and dandy.


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