purpose of flow control

purpose of flow control

The reason for stream control in a pressure-driven framework is to direct speed. Every one of the gadgets talked about here controls the speed of an actuator by controlling the stream rate. Stream rate likewise decides the pace of energy move at some random pressing factor. The two are connected in that the actuator power is increased by the distance through which it moves (stroke) approaches the work done on the heap. The energy moved should likewise approach the work done. Actuator speed decides the pace of energy move (i.e., drive), and speed is along these lines an element of stream rate. 
flow control valve, then again, doesn’t manage energy control, but instead with guiding the energy move framework to the appropriate spot in the framework at the legitimate time. Directional control valves can be considered as liquid switches that make the ideal “contacts.” That is, they direct the high-energy input stream to the actuator channel and give a return way to the lower-energy oil.

It is irrelevant to control the energy movement of the framework through pressing factors and stream controls if the stream doesn’t show up at the perfect spot at the perfect time. In this way, an optional capacity of directional control gadgets may be characterized as the circumstance of cycle occasions. Since liquid stream frequently can be choked in directional-control valves, some proportion of stream rate or pressing factor control can likewise be accomplished with them. 

Various sorts of stream estimation 

Controlling the progression of a liquid force framework doesn’t mean directing volume per unit of time from a valve. Stream rate can be determined in three unique ways, so it is essential to know about how the stream is to be indicated or estimated: 

Volumetric stream rate, Qv, communicated in units of in.3/sec or min – or cc/sec or cc/min in SI metric measure – is utilized to ascertain the direct rates of cylinder bars or rotational rates of engine shafts. 

Weight stream rate, Qw, communicated in units of lb/sec or lb/min, is utilized to ascertain power utilizing English units of measure. 

Mass stream rate, Qg, communicated in units of slugs/sec or slugs/min for English measure – or kg/sec or kg/min in SI metric measure – is utilized to ascertain idleness powers during times of speed increase and deceleration. 

Since they control the amount of liquid that moves through the valve per unit of time, similar control valves are utilized for every one of the three kinds of stream rates.


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