Know Your Pneumatics: Single or Double Acting? Choosing the Right Cylinder

Know Your Pneumatics: Single or Double Acting? Choosing the Right Cylinder

The most acclaimed style of pneumatic actuator includes a cylinder and bar moving inside a shut cylinder, proposed to move in a methodical design to pass on direct development. This style of the immediate actuator is utilized in an arrangement of current territories, modern office computerization, and packaging, notwithstanding transportation and life science applications. 

When expecting to show straight actuators there are two kinds of working principles: single acting and twofold acting. We will examine these assortments, regular applications notwithstanding great conditions and shortcomings. 

Single-acting cylinders 

A singular acting cylinder is one where the push or yield power is made only a single way. 

The cylinder is returned by a fitted spring, or by some other external techniques, for instance, a weight, mechanical turn of events, gravity or an external spring. They have a lone port to allow stuffed air to enter the cylinder to move the cylinder to the ideal position. 

There are two kinds of single acting cylinder

‘Push’ type – where the utilization of vaporous strain conveys a push, along these lines ‘pushing’ the cylinder. 

‘Pull’ type – where the utilization of pneumatic power makes a push, subsequently ‘pulling’ the cylinder. 

single acting pneumatic cylinder are regularly used for applications where work is done unmistakably one way, for instance, cutting, arranging, stepping, stroking, and light assembling undertakings. 

Focal points

Fundamental arrangement, 

Diminished size, 

The abatement in valve and piping costs, and 

Air usage is partitioned differentiated and the indistinguishable estimated twofold acting cylinder. 


Return spring side of the cylinder is vented to the climate – may allow the passage of new issues, which may provoke coming up short and diminishing the existence of the cylinder. 

Spring movement with expanded cylinder life can get clashing and give the uncertain completion of stroke positions. 

Bore size and stroke of the cylinder is restricted in light of requirements of the spring size and force. 

A slight decline of a push in light of the limiting spring power. 

Twofold acting cylinders 

A twofold acting pneumatic cylinder is one where the push, or yield power, is made in both widening and retracting headings. Twofold acting cylinders have a port at each end and push the cylinder ahead and back by trading the port that gets the high-pressure air, crucial when a stack ought to be moved in the two different ways, for instance, opening and closing a doorway. 

Pneumatic power is applied of course to the uttermost edges of the cylinder. The utilization of vaporous strain makes a push in the positive (push) stroke, and a push in the negative (pull) stroke. 

Twofold acting cylinders are routinely used in all applications where the pushes and stroke lengths required are in bounty of those available from single-acting cylinders. Minimal twofold acting cylinders are furthermore used for applications where positive completion of-stroke positions are required for the two strokes. 

Twofold acting cylinders are the most by and large used of all plans of straight actuators. They address generally 95% of all cylinders used in pneumatic control circuits. 


Generally, ISO rules rely upon the arrangement of twofold acting cylinders. 

A more expansive extent of twofold acting cylinders than for single-acting cylinders, giving much more choices of bore and stroke sizes. 

Various assortments are available on the fundamental twofold acting cylinder plan. 


Can’t be basically stood firm on in a mid-situation,


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