Also called an air preparation unit, modular FRL is split into air filter, air regulator, and air lubricator. These 3 units may be utilized separately or maybe even used as a combination. Normally, modular FRLs play an important part in pneumatic cylinder parts as well as air tools.

Air filter functions to eliminate dust and water from compressed air; Air regulator acts to get stable air source and the desired pressure while air lubricator can lubricate the elements with air.

For more detailed specifications and varieties of FRL, browse here.

What is the Benefit of a classic FRL?

Simple to substitute the element

The component and the bowl will be in a singular piece. The replacement could be done with an easy tool

Visible and safer

Purchase the perfect size units such as filter, regulator, and lubricator in accordance with your particular requirements. Be sure to use the perfect level of filtration.

Before installation, please check whether it’s damaged or broken during transportation and if any parts are not loose.

Install arrow management and maintain the unit vertically.

For units with protection cover, please be certain covers are fixed before using to avoid the threat.

To get lubricators, it is mandatory to adjust the oil needle into zero places and add the oil below the line.

Please eliminate dust, metal chips and oils stains from the tubes if you are using metal tubes to attach.

Do use a spanner to tighten the pressure meter when installing, never tighten with your hands.

For more specifications about the assortment of Air Source Treatment, then just click here.

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