Four tips to purchase the correct Pneumatic Valve

Four tips to purchase the correct Pneumatic Valve

Part of the challenge of deciding which electric valve to use in an application is simply sifting through all the available options at your disposal. Every valve has its own benefits and detractors — so it is very important to understand those differences and choose the finest possible valve to your program.

To help you discover which kind will be for you, we’ve assembled a mini-roadmap of considerations to take into account as you make your decision. Hopefully, the answers to a query become more clearly defined as a result.

What type of media?

The first question is what sort of gas or liquid is this valve likely to be dealing with and what kind of pressure is it managing it ? Can it be a compressed atmosphere or adverse pressure? Can it be a liquid or gas? Are there some additional factors unique to this particular program? These queries need to be answered so as to discover a valve which will get the job done.

Method of valve actuation

There are a lot of approaches to close or open a valve — of those you will have to choose. There’s Solenoid, Manually operated, automatically operated or remote atmosphere. Each of these work differently, and it is up to the setup of your application regarding what will work the best.

What’s the configuration?

Most pneumatic vertical valves are 2, three or four ways valves. 2 ways have inlet and outlet ports. 3 ways add a third port for ventilation. 4 manners add a second outlet and another exhaust vent to the 3-way function.

Valve size

Otherwise known as flow capability — it’s the fourth variable you will need to address when choosing a valve. Undersized valves will slow down fill time and lead to inefficiency in a method and can on occasion become a responsibility to the general productivity of the machine. Getting the size right is essential. Most providers will be able to offer you the information about a valve’s flow capability and ought to have a lot of reference material that may help you.

When you’ve used those four tips, you should be left with a solid brief list of applications that will work and the choice will be much easier. From there, it is not a terrible idea to allow your vendor take the guide and assist you cross your t’s and dot your I am to make certain to have precisely what you’re searching for. Great luck and we’ll see another month. Airmax pneumatics are well known pneumatic valve manufacturer in the valve industry, don’t feel shy to contact them.


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